About Us


We are a Canadian, woman-founded small online business established in 2023, making our products as accessible to parents around the world as possible. We are a new brand that emerged from our founder’s many learnings working with messy, hungry kids with a mission to offer smarter feeding products that make life just a little easier for parents. 

We LOVE snacking and as adults - we already have enough to clean up. Our humble start comes from our founder’s years of experience nannying toddlers, babies, and working with parents, cleaning many messes that could have been avoided with smarter containers, cups and feeding sets. 

At last, Little Snackers was born, to equip parents with smart, spill-proof, quality food-grade silicone snacking essentials so they could focus less on cleaning up messes and more on the important things. 

Hacking snack time is easy with Little Snackers products because each product aims to:

1) Reduce the amount of spills with a smarter design that may include suction, better grip, great seals, spill-proof lids, and more durability than other materials.

2) Make cleaning A BREEZE with safe 100% food-grade silicone material that is soft, lightweight, durable and non-stick.

3) Make weaning and food introduction fun and safe with colourful, soft and stimulating products that encourage babies to develop eating and other motor skills.



We believe that parents and kids deserve healthier food storage options than plastic containers, because it's important for our health and environment. Other sustainable materials for feeding are great like bamboo and stainless steel but have many disadvantages to food-grade silicone.

This is why toxic-free food-grade silicone is the choice of material for our products because it is safer, more sustainable, beats all other materials for cleaning time, is non-stick and extremely durable.



Make snacking easy while giving toddlers and parents more independence to focus on the important things! With that, part of our mission is to give back to families who lack food security around the world. 

Food insecurity is still a severe problem for many families with increasing climate change pressures and many do not have the luxury of a million snack choices, organic food sources or even consistent meals. We have made the pledge to donate 10% of our earnings each year to fight food insecurity with organizations such as Heifer International, who provide communities facing food insecurity with resources and training to grow and develop sustainable food programs.

We have a few manufacturers around the globe creating our snack products to the highest quality and we're constantly working on becoming better.

As we grow, our products and resources will evolve as well. Your support and patience in our brand growth and improvement is much appreciated!